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How aware are local residents about the services provided by their local library? Do you know what residents in your area think about the quality of services they receive from your institution in return for their local tax dollars? Are they satisfied with the services you provide and how do they rate them? Are there other services you should be providing for local residents and are they willing to provide the revenues needed to support them? Is there sufficient community support to increase funding for library operations and/or new facilities? What needs to be included in your strategic plan for the next 5 to 10 years?

These are just some of the questions that EPIC·MRA has helped local libraries get the answers to. EPIC·MRA can help your library get the information needed to make informed public policy decisions utilizing our survey research, custom database development services and database products.


Examples of Library Projects:

Capital Area District Library (CADL)
EPIC·MRA conducted a series of focus group sessions on behalf CADL about the library's facilities, programs and services. Specifically, the library was interested in learning more about public sentiment related to building new facilities and expanding support for library services. The focus groups results indicated that both measures would present serious challenges in winning voter approval. However, using the information generated by the focus groups, CADL was able to put together an information campaign and convince voters in November 2008 to approve funding for a comprehensive facilities construction program as well as expanded services.

Troy Library
EPIC·MRA conducted a public opinion survey for the Troy Library that found that while there was a high level of support for the library, there was little public awareness about the challenges faced by the library, including: deteriorating facilities, shrinking revenues and a growing need for additional services. Utilizing the survey findings, the library is embarking on a community education program to explain the shortcomings associated with the current facilities and create more public awareness about the important role the library plays in the community.

In addition to these projects, EPIC·MRA has also worked with the Public Library Funding Initiative Group (PLFIG) to measure public support for the library service quality standards and increased state funding of Michigan's library system.



Library Clients:

Capital Area District Library

Novi Library

Orion Township Library

Public Library Funding Initiative Group

Saugatuck Library

State of Michigan Library

Troy Library

Ypsilanti Library