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Our Work - Community Colleges & Universities

Do you know what residents in your area think about the quality of education provided by your institution? Are students satisfied with the programs and services they're receiving and how do they rate them? Are there other programs or services you should be providing that would attract potential students to your institution? How does your faculty rate? Is there sufficient community support to increase funding for community college operations and/or new facilities? What needs to be included in your strategic plan for the next 5 to 10 years? What factors would likely increase support for the college's development efforts?

These are just some of the questions that EPIC·MRA has helped community colleges and universities get the answers to. EPIC·MRA can help your county or municipality get the information needed to make informed public policy decisions utilizing our survey research, custom database development services and database products.


Examples of Community College and University Projects:

Lansing Community College
Information from a survey conducted by EPIC·MRA in 2001 was instrumental in the college's efforts to develop a campaign that successfully won voter approval for a millage increase to improve campus facilities and create a satellite location (West Campus) which houses M-TEC, a new job training facility. The survey results also indicated community support for a portion of the millage increase being used to provide increased pay and benefits for the LCC faculty. Without this survey research, the college would not have had the information necessary to determine what the public would support and what components of the financing plan were best received.

A more recent survey conducted in November of 2008 provided the college with public opinion about the programs, services and classes they offer, compared to other educational institutions.

Washtenaw Community College
WCC turned to EPIC·MRA to conduct a series of surveys among the citizens of Washtenaw County to determine how best to present a proposal for expansion and enhancement. Following these efforts, EPIC·MRA went on to assist the "Yes Committee" in its successful campaign, developing messages, literature concepts, and database materials.

WCC received the Gold Paragon Award by the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations, an affiliate of the Association of Community Colleges in recognition of the work EPIC·MRA helped produce.

Ferris State University
In an effort to enhance its image and increase enrollment, FSU commissioned EPIC·MRA to conduct a survey among applicants who were admitted, but ultimately did not enroll in FSU. The information from this survey was used in shaping the university's recruitment and retention efforts.

Kendall College of Art and Design, a part of FSU, engaged the firm to conduct research to support the marketing of the college's courses and degree programs among potential students.

EPIC·MRA conducted a series of statewide surveys to quantify FSU's position among competing higher education institutions, using a series of measurements designed to guide the university in its public relations and advertising campaigns.


Community College and University Clients:

Ferris State University

Grand Rapids Community College

Jackson Community College

Kirtland Community College

Lake Michigan Community College

Lansing Community College

Macomb Community College

Michigan State University

Mott Community College
Northwestern Michigan Community College
Wayne County Community College
Washtenaw Community College
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