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Statewide Survey Piggy-Back Questions

EPIC-MRA Statewide Survey "Piggy-Back" Questions: By purchasing piggy-back questions, you get the benefit of a statewide survey with demographic analysis, and you don't have to pay the cost of conducting a stand alone survey. Any organization, lobbying group, association, business or individual can purchase questions on our EPIC-MRA Statewide Surveys. If you want to know what Michigan voters think about issues that impact your organization, please contact us. All questions purchased are completely confidential - just as if you had purchased a stand alone survey - and all EPIC-MRA statewide surveys include regional demographic breakouts: age, education, political party, gender, race, religion, position on abortion, whether school age children are in the household, and income.  If you wish to release survey results, that is up to you, or, you can keep the results for internal use by your organization.